Life is sweet..

'A batch of jam is always an act of creation..'

Christine Ferber

Please note that this is only a selection of products on offer and may vary as to what is available.


Blackcurrant and merlot

Blackcurrants cooked in a fruity merlot wine with an extra glug to finish which gives this homemade jam a full fruitiness.

Bramble and orange

Blackberries cooked in orange juice , gently spiced and sieved to remove most of the seeds .

Carrot & cardamon 

Carrots are naturally sweet and make a surprisingly tasty jam especially spiced with cardamom seeds.

Damson and gin

The tart plummy flavour of damsons blends beautifully with gin.

Dumpsie Dearie

An old Warwickshire/ Worcestershire recipe using apples, pears ,plums and a hint of ginger . A lovely name for a tasty jam.

Raspberry and passionfruit

A fragrant combination which has been sieved to remove most of the pips.

Somerset jam

Apples and blackberries cooked in cider and finished off with a glug of apple brandy.

Strawberry, rhubarb and vanilla 

My prize winning combination of strawberries and rhubarb flavoured with a vanilla bean.

Hedgerow jelly

A stunning combination of hedgerow fruits without the bits.

Strawberry and rosehip jelly

Memories of times gone by with the flavour of rosehip syrup.

Apricot and orange marmalade

Rich tasting apricots give the bitter Seville oranges marmalade a hint of sweetness.

Grapefruit and cranberry marmalade 

A wonderful fruity tartness to wake up the tastebuds in the morning.

Lemon and ginger marmalade

A zesty marmalade with the added zing of ginger.

Orange and coriander marmalade

Made with Seville oranges and with added warmth from the spicy coriander.

Ruby red grapefruit

A bright tangy marmalade.


All this homemade sweetness is available in 200g jars at £3.00 each