Our story

Not just jams.. allotment

In March 2009 we took our scary first step in renting a very overgrown and neglected allotment. Classed as a half plot at 10 rods (1/16th acre) the task seemed immense. We set to work and were soon hooked and after many hours of hard work we were eating our own produce that same summer.


The whole fun in growing your own soon became addictive and we quickly ran out of room. So, in early 2011 we took on another neglected plot. This time a full sized plot at 20 rods (1/8th acre) and started the whole clearing and planting process again whilst still growing on the original plot until everything had been moved or harvested.

Gradually we added a fruit cage and a small greenhouse and were soon overrun with surplus produce. Always looking at ways to use this bounty we found that our stock of homemade jam and chutneys quickly grew faster than we could use or store them. Those given to friends and relatives had all elicited a favourable response and the words ‘you should be selling them..’


Cue the next step. We registered with the council, received our 5* health and hygiene rating, told the taxman, and not just jams.. was born.


During this time I’ve also worked voluntarily with Ryton Organic as a Master Gardener learning and passing on knowledge of organic methods of gardening. A scheme which unfortunately ended with a lack of funding.

2014 has seen us add a 30ft polytunnel to the plot which has produced a seemingly endless supply of chillies and other produce for our own use as well to go into the preserves.

Fast forwarding now to bring this story up to date (2019) we now also have the use of half of a friends plot adding extra growing room for the ridiculous amount of courgette plants that end up being grown. Also we are now the proud tenants of a small shop at FarGo Village, Coventry which provides a base for our customers to visit for their purchases. 


New recipes are constantly being developed as our mantra at not just jams.. is


'to be that little bit different.'

First plot, first day.
First plot, a few months later
First plot, beds ready for action
Wild Strawberries.
The new plot gets a willow arch.
The polytunnel, first year.
Sour Cherries from the garden.
A mixed basket.