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'A good appetite deserves Military Pickle, a bad appetite needs it'

1940's advertising campaign

Please note that this is only a selection of products on offer and may vary as to what is available.


Beetroot and bramble jelly 

Small chunks of beetroot in a bramble jelly. Perfect with a creamy goats cheese.

Beetroot and mint jelly

An excellent accompaniment to lamb and pork. Or use a good spoonful to flavour a hotpot.

Hot pepper jelly

First the sweet and then the heat. Made using scotch bonnets including the seeds. Try with a strong blue cheese which tempers the heat.

Spiced Cider and apple jelly

Perfect with gammon and pork. Try mixing some with mustard to make a tasty glaze.

Cranberry and red onion relish

Topped off with a slug of port . With chicken, turkey or pork pie this is not just for Christmas.

Gran’s military pickle

An old family recipe from a wonderful lady who lived to the grand age of 106yrs.  Livens up cheese and cold cuts a treat. 

Lemon and apricot pickle

Use as a lime pickle with curries or use as a topping on salmon before wrapping in foil and baking.

Mango chutney

The not just jams version has some heat and is not too sweet. A chutney rather than a jam.

Parsnip and horseradish relish

The sweetness of the parsnips blends wonderfully with and tempers the heat from the horseradish. Goes well with roast beef , sausages, cheese and even smoked mackerel.

Pumpkin chutney

Based on the ingredients from a wonderful pumpkin curry recipe that found favour with a group of friends.

Red hot relish

A tomato based relish with heat. Think cheese and cold meats as well as burgers.

Red onion marmalade

Red onions caramelised with red wine vinegar and sugar then flavoured with herbs and cracked black pepper.

Roasted red pepper and chilli jam

The sweetness of roasted peppers with a chilli kick. This savoury homemade jam works as a salsa on fajitas as well as a relish with cheese.



All this homemade spiceness is available in 200g jars at £3.00 each